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A little snow won't stop them

Despite a fresh four inches of snow that fell overnight across Iowa, the candidates continued their push to the Iowa Caucuses - with six days to go.
Foreign policy continued to dominate conversation at many candidate events today. "Champions for Change" were present for a speech by New Mexico Governor Bill Richardson at the Des Moines Botanical Center, who spoke extensively to a crowd of 200+ about the looming situation in Pakistan.
Senator Chris Dodd also spoke at length about troubles abroad. After the rally, the Senator greeted a group of Divided We Fail volunteers and thanked them for their hard work during this long campaign cycle.
"Champions for Change" attended an appearance by Senator Hillary Clinton in Story City today. The Senator was quick to address troubles in Pakistan and concerns about terrorism, but she also set aside good deal of time for domestic issues. Clinton addressed the millions of uninsured Americans, extending health coverage to rural areas and the importance of passing SCHIP. The Senator also addressed the mortgage lending crisis - and stressed the need to protect the financial security of all Americans.
Tomorrow is a Saturday, but there is no time for a weekend break with the caucus just days away! Stay-tuned for more candidate briefs.

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