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Alejandra Owens

"Rules. A life without rules is exhausting and emotionally fraught."
"What do you do to get the kids to like stuff like kale? Or radishes?" I asked. Ms. Denise immediately begins shaking her head in protest, with a huge grin on her face. "If they take the seed and plant it. If they grow it. If they see it every day while they're out on the playground. If they walk…
This is a guest post by California-based writer Betsy Towner is a regular contributor to AARP Bulletin.
This is a guest post from Deb Whitman, AARP's Executive Vice President of Policy
This is a guest post from Mary C. Hickey from the AARP Media Content Team.
Editor's Note: This post originally appeared on, a Washington, DC news site that covers several popular neighborhoods in the city. Full disclosure, I contribute to Borderstan myself as a food writer and editor. When I saw this post from fellow contributor Scott Thompson, 29, it…
Mike Wallace was an institution in the news industry. He interviewed presidents, singers, mobsters and civil rights heroes. He needled them with a sophisticated coolness that only Wallace could. He infuriated some, charmed others and educated us all when we watched his interviews. CBS News' eulogy…
This is a guest post by Annie Lynsen, on loan to AARP from Small Act.
If you watched the news, or tried to Google something yesterday, you inevitably come across something about SOPA (Stop Online Piracy Act). There was a black out - a form of protest that was started by, the social news website where users share links to interesting stories and content, and…
This is a guest post by Annie Lynsen, on loan to AARP from Small Act.
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