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How 'bout a senior prom - for senior citizens?

This week is full of great stories. It's a toss up for me on whether I like this one better than the man who rode the roller coaster 90 times in one day...
Have you folks heard about the Pepsi Refresh Project? It's an initiative that Pepsi started to help "refresh" communities across America. The MLB got involved and all of the teams are submitting ideas to win a $200,000 grant to fund their project. It's a pretty cool idea in itself - teams come up with project ideas for their home towns (like creating a ball park for a youth wheelchair softball team in Minnesota, or teaching young people about cancer prevention in Tampa Bay, etc., etc.) - but this story gets even better.
Have you seen the commercial for the MLB's involvement with the Pepsi Refresh Project? If not, watch it below:

Did you notice the suggestion by Tampa Bay Rays third baseman Evan Longoria to hold a senior prom for senior citizens? Well apparently, many many people in Tampa Bay saw that and demanded it happen! And yesterday, after the Rays' afternoon game - it did! Check out the news story on it here.
The "prom" wasn't connected to the Pepsi campaign, but it was still a hit! More than 2,500 seniors pre-registered for the event, and the Rays bought them boutonnieres and corsages. The article says that ushers wore tuxes and prom dresses and Elvis and Frank Sinatra impersonators entertained the guests in the outfield.
How fun! Do you remember your high school prom? Wouldn't you love to throw on a prom dress and dance the night away again? What a great Wednesday afternoon :)

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