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Maryland Makes It Happen

A report on AARP's presence in Maryland from State Director Joe DeMattos:
AARP Maryland put together their annual Lobby Day in Annapolis and it was a huge success! Over 100 AARP volunteers flooded the State House and seven AARP folks testified before various committees on some of our key issues like keeping electricity rates affordable, ensuring quality long term care, and preventing ID theft.
The sponsor of the utilities bill we are supporting, Delegate Brian McHale, addressed the crowd and he had a blast with everyone shouting "price - reliability" his 2 goal posts for electricity. Kinda dorky, I know.
I even had the opportunity to address the entire House of Delegates from the Speaker's Rostrum, which is a special rare opportunity and honor for non-delegate. Overall, a great day and a big thanks to all of our volunteers and staff who made it happen!

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