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Mom Likes YOU More.

Everyone has been told from a young age that mom loves you and your siblings equally. But some of us have had a creeping suspicion that that may not be the truth and according to a study on the topic you may have been right!
A New York Times article delves into family favoritism from a study conducted by Karl Pillemer, a gerontologist at Cornell University. The original thought going into the research was no mother, would actually admit to loving her son or daughter more than the other, but the results of the study couldn't have been further from the truth!!
Pillemer's team of interviewers, "talked to mothers ages 65 to 75 in the Boston area about their adult offspring, found that most were perfectly willing to name favorites. "Most mothers have very distinct preferences," Dr. Pillemer said." According to the New York Times.
Why is this? Well, according to the article mothers usually feel a stronger emotional connection with one of her offspring and it is typically the child that is most similar to her in the way they think and act.
What do you think? Do you think you're your mom's favorite child??

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