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Check out this great blog, Attitude & Fitness living well with Parkinson's.  It's about one man's dedication to fight his early diagnosis of Parkinson's Disease with exercise and fitness.  A truly inspiring story and blog - Check it out! Below is an expecerpt from his blog: "In March of 2004 I began to notice the first signs of what I learned later to be Parkinson's disease (PD). After a second-opinion visit to a neurologist at the Center of Excellence in San Francisco, I was officially diagnosed I had PD. At 47 years old, married 15 years with 2 daughters 13 and 10 I was devastated, but what could I really do.  My attitude and conviction from that day forward to beat the disease and live a normal life became my internal battle cry.  I was not going to let this thing alter what I wanted to do with my life. Starting this blog is my first step to getting more involved with others that have PD.  I do realize that what works for me may not work for others, but if I can help a few maybe I can have an impact. Until there is a cure, I vow to fight every day and win the war against Parkinson's.  In the words of Jim Valvano, "Don't Give Up, Don't Ever Give Up.""
"If you want others to be happy, practice compassion. If you want to be happy, practice compassion." - Dalai Lama
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Take a look at AARP Executive Vice President John Rother's strong response to criticism of Social Security by Washington Post's Robert Samuelson:
Charlie the Tuna receives his AARP card
50 is a big birthday no matter how you look at it, but here at AARP it's especially important because it means you are officially eligible to become a MEMBER!  What is a better way to bring in the big 5-0 for Charlie the Tuna than to present him with his very first AARP card?!  On Friday the 11 th in Times Square, NYC a whole slew of birthday activities were held in his honor.  AARP spokeswoman Luci De Haan presented the super-sized card to Charlie in celebration of 50 years of 'good taste."
It might not be that surprising to find that exercise could improve one's mental sharpness -- but getting serious proof that taking daily walks can literally increase your brain size?
When Super Bowl day arrives, there's one other thing besides the TV that's on -- our hunger switch to eat massive amounts of food. And what better than to prepare appropriately ahead of time for the big eating event? Check out some tips AARP has on what food to make (and how to make it):
Interesting. Very interesting. While anti-aging treatments are all the craze these days in the plight to live forever, some folks are finding that, ironically, these new medicines that are supposed to elongate your life may actually be dangerous to it:
Check out AARP's slideshow made for Martin Luther King Day yesterday -- its imagery of Reverend Dr Martin Luther King Jr. is not to miss. MLK would have been 83 years old on Saturday.
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