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Morning AARP: Oil, Oil, Neverending Oil

Oil Spill, Gulf of Mexico (NASA, International Space Station Science, 05/04/10)

(via NASA)
More oil spill: Researchers have found an underwater plume of oil the size of Manhattan, and oceanographers sound increasingly despondent about the cleanup. The quote that killed me: ""I think the imprint of the BP release, the discharge, will be detectable in the Gulf of Mexico for the rest of my life." This from Florida State oceanographer Ian MacDonald. See also: The Gulf in pictures, after the spill.
Morning headlines: House flipping is going professional, especially in California; every election cycle, we hear about how 65+ voters are the ones politicians are courting (but are they doing it right? you tell us!), and Roger Clemens has gotten himself indicted for lying to Congress.
"They got a saying-- he says, 'Old fishermen never die, they just fade away.' " One last story of the spill.

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