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If you were 18 in 1981, the year MTV went on the air, you turn 50 this year.
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Facebook newsfeed changed photo March 2013
Let's get the hard part out of the way: Sometime in the next few days, what you see on your Facebook homepage - or News Feed - will look a lot different.
Can you pour a beer with your mind? You can - if you wear a headband straight out of Star Trek. Could you use your eyes to scroll through a website on your tablet? You can -  if your tablet has a camera and an infrared LED.  As technology gets better and better at reading our bodies' signals, we…
Regis Philbin, University of Notre Dame Class of 1953, is more than a little excited for Monday's national championship game...
UCSF professor of neurology Adam Gazzaley, left, explains how the EEG headset worn by Mickey Hart,
He was caring for his grandmother, which was just fine with Grateful Dead drummer Mickey Hart. Except she wasn't speaking.
3 Flight Attendants
"Welcome back to the Hollygrove neighborhood, " a Habitat for Humanity staffer said as she greeted a second wave of AARP members arriving ready to paint houses here this afternoon. "AARP has a lot of history helping out in this neighborhood, and we're glad to see you again."
You heard that right.
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