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I just received a message from a Divided We Fail volunteer in Southeast Iowa who reported recently meeting with Mrs. Obama at a campaign event and meeting Mrs. Dodd at a separate campaign event. Apparently both meetings were positive experiences and both spouses were receptive to concerns about health care and long-term financial security.
You might think this kind of meeting is unusual, but often candidates send a spouse to events they cannot attend. Our hope is that the spouse relays concerns and questions back to their significant other
Another interesting encounter (involving a spouse) happened a couple of weeks ago when a group of volunteers were at an event featuring Mike Huckabee. While the former Governor was working the crowd with his wife, they encountered one of the Divided We Fail volunteers - who she apparently recognized from other events. Mrs. Huckabee immediately greeted the volunteer and gave him a big hug. It was quite a shock to the rest of the group. I guess Iowans really get the chance to know the candidates... and their spouses!

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