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The "Ron Paul Revolution" hits Iowa

Last night, an appearance by Texas Congressman Ron Paul drew a couple "Champions for Change." This event was different though, definitely like no other campaign event we had seen before. The crowd was made up of hundreds of college-aged students who came to Iowa from around the country to door-knock and phone call for Paul. Paul who is running for the Republican nomination (and described by many as a libertarian), spoke in detail about how government should not interfere in your life and how the United States should end the war in Iraq. His message drew a huge reception from the group who had come from near and far to dedicate their next week to Dr. Paul.
Dr. Paul did not directly address the issues of health care or financial security in his speech, but generally spoke about less government intervention in the lives of all Americans.
The group of college-aged students will be housed at a camp north of Des Moines and work to get out the vote for Dr. Paul through the caucus.

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