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'America's Got Talent' is Looking More Exciting

AGT_05Sebastian El Charro
Last week on "America's Got Talent," judge Howard Stern informed a couple of contestants that they were lucky; they happened to be on amid weak competition, so they would likely make it through to the next round. Well, here we are in the dog days of summer. It's after the Olympics, before the political conventions and the launch of TV's 2012-2013 season. The schedule is crammed full of reruns, and "America's Got Talent" is looking mighty interesting.

The competition is heating up on NBC's home to novelty acts from extreme parrots to daredevils and dancing ghouls. With the "America's Got Talent" semi-finals nearing, this week's installment is a "wild card" show in which Stern and fellow judges Howie Mandel and Sharon Osbourne are bringing back select acts that were previously dumped, now deemed worthy of another chance. Among the returnees, for example, is 10-year-old mariachi singer Sebastien El Charro (pictured). With his Las Vegas-worthy precocious stage presence, he's like a mariachi answer to the young Wayne Newton, a must-watch, if that is your idea of a good time. There are dynamite dance acts and a smattering of superb singers. And there are Howard, Sharon, Howie and host Nick Cannon in their final weeks as a team.

It's too bad that Sharon is leaving, a departure sparked by her unhappiness over NBC's "Stars Earn Stripes" backing out of using son Jack, who was recently diagnosed with multiple sclerosis. The quartet of Sharon, Howard, Howie and Nick - "my boys," as she calls them - has a rollicking chemistry. Sharon obviously has regrets. "Please don't misunderstand. I love nbcagt w/ all my heart and will of course finish out the season. It is still one of the best shows on tv," she wrote on Twitter. "I love nbcagt, howiemandel, howardstern & nickcannon." Howard told media that he is still hoping for a "miracle" that will keep Sharon on the show. Whatever happens, they're in it at least until the Sept. 12-13 finale.

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