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Dog People

There is a story from the New York Times today on an interesting trend: "empty nesters" who are getting dogs (or "fur babies") when their children are grown and on their own, but no grandchildren are in sight. It's proof that being empty nesters can be lonely - one might think that once a couple has the freedom to come and go as they please, they wouldn't want to tie themselves down with a dog who needs walking and trained. But, as Kenneth Budd, executive editor of AARP The Magazine says in the article, "people in their 50s have the urge to 'fill the void' for a number of reasons" - like the human need to nurture. Are you one of those dog people who couldn't bear the thought of an "empty" nest?
Check out this story from the Wall Street Journal called " When It's Time to Pass the Baton." Deciding to retire is no easy task - especially when you're Dick Clark, and have become synonymous with New Years' Eve for Americans over the years. Clark turned 80 (!) this week - so is it time for him to "pass the baton?" Or should he remain a symbol of resiliency who, even after a stroke in 2004, still counts down the seconds to the new year? Check out the story for celebrity and common-folk stories of "leaving and grieving" jobs.

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