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Dr. John LaPuma: Culinary Medicine

From Kim Barnes
Dr. John LaPuma, also known as the ChefMD and the author of "ChefMD's Big Book of Culinary Medicine: A Food Lover's Road Map to Losing Losing Weight, Preventing Disease and Getting Really Healthy," gave his audience basic tips for storing and preparing food to help reduce issues with impotence, premature wrinkling, many cancers, arthritis and others. Among his tips:

  • Marinate meats with rosemary
  • Store watermelon outside the refrigerator
  • Eat 1O walnuts 10 minutes before eating fast food
  • Adopt a Mediterranean diet to help prevent Alzheimer's.
  • Add black pepper to curry

And, he said, to make food fun and flavorful -- and good for your health:
1. Learn to enjoy the art of cooking.
2. Understand that your fork is as powerful as your prescription drugs in maintaining your health.
3. Find recipes that work for you.

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