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Dr. Susan Love's Army of Women Gets New Inductees

From Dave Singleton
Speaking to a packed room, Dr. Susan Love spoke passionately about her "Army of Women", a relatively new initiative from one of the "founding mothers" of the fight against breast cancer.
As Dr. Love told the predominately female audience, the Army of Women is "based on getting the research out of the lab rats and into the people." Dr. Love believes that more direct research is the key to a cure for breast cancer: "We just have to keep pushing for more funding and more research," she said. Based on the recent advances with a cervical cancer vaccine, she feels the drum beat is building for that breast cancer cure, as she nears her goal of enlisting building the Army of Women's size to at least one million. "There's no reason there's not a cure right now," she added.
Dr. Love, the president of the Dr. Susan Love Research Foundation, oversees research focused on breast cancer prevention, while maintaining her practice as a clinical professor of surgery at UCLA. An AARP The Magazine 2009 Inspire Award winner, she also finds time to write, and told the audience that they're inspiring her to finish a follow up to her bestseller, "Dr. Susan Love's Breast Book."
Based on the questions from the audience, Dr. Love's call to arms for her Army of Women is also bringing together survivors and supporters to share their stories and grow another army: one filled with those whose lives have been affected by this terrible disease.
As Dr. Love noted, breast cancer's impact is universal. "If it's not touched you, it's touched someone you care about."

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