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"Gray-listed" by Hollywood

A huge age discrimination lawsuit was recently settled (one of 23 to be resolved) over Hollywood talent agency International Creative Management. And the agency is only one of many others who are being sued by screenwriters over 40 who are saying they were "gray-listed" by the TV industry and pushed out of their jobs in preference for younger writers.
This isn't just some typical Hollywood scandal lawsuit; it's apparent that this is a problem within the industry, so much that ICM has also agreed to to develop an panel of experts to examine its representation practices, as well as create a "job relief" program designed to promote the top 25 percent of older TV writers.
Paul Sprenger, lead attorney for the writers, says "What we're trying to do is factor age out of decision-making."
ICM actually hasn't admitted to doing anything wrong, and the $4.5 million in settlement they're paying in one case will come out of insurers, but at least they're taking action with this new panel and program. Some other defendants in this slew of cases are major U.S. networks like ABC and Fox, and huge production companies Walt Disney Co and Warner Bros. We can only wait to see how those pan out.

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