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Great Moments In Clooney

Earlier this week, Alejandra asked me if I'd write a post on George Clooney turning 50. You see, I have a well known Clooney-thing. (Whatever, what red blooded American gal doesn't?) So, I took one for the team... scoured *hours* of Clooney footage (have I mentioned I love my job?) and present you with... Great. Moments. In. Clooney:

1) We All Have Hair Regrets... Even George Clooney....

Who am I kidding? He's adorable even then...

2) The Comeback... The Dr. Doug Ross Years

3) The Movie Star... The Perfect Storm

4) Creating The Good... Clooney Finds His Passion in Helping Darfur

5) Winning the Oscar...
I can't find the video, but here's the link (YouTube) of Nicole Kidman presenting him with the Academy Award for his film, Syriana.

On the eve of his turning 40, George said, "I'm a 39-year-old man. In the way I was raised, this is the time when you make your mark. In your 20s, you figure out what it is you're going to be. You do a lot of different jobs. By your late 20s, you sort of have some idea of what it is. Then you spend your 30s and a lot of your 40s making your mark. You spend your 50s being able to reap the benefits of the work that you've done."

We're pretty sure as he turns 50, he'll keep making his mark. Happy birthday George! For his birthday, become a fan of Not On Our Watch on Facebook and keep up with his work to prevent genocide.

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