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Happy St. Patrick's day - the day that everyone feels a wee bit Irish!

Did you know: In 1903, Saint Patrick's Day became an official public holiday in Ireland, although it is believed to be celebrated as early as the 1600s celebrating the life of the patron saint who died on March 18, 461 (AD).
One of the great parts of St Patrick's day is going to town turning everything green. This year try something a little wacky - turning your flowers green. Recently on Martha shows viewers an easy way to die white carnations and make a great holiday themed centerpiece.
Tools and Materials:
White carnations
Green food coloring
How To Color Carnations
1. Mix food coloring with water according to the directions on the food-coloring package, making sure the water reaches a dark, rich shade of green. Fill vase with this mixture.
2. Cut ends of carnation stems under running water and place the carnations into your vase overnight. The flowers will soak up the food coloring through the stem, resulting in vibrant green petals.

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