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It's April Fools day - take heed!

April 1st is the holy grail for pranksters, and what better way to prank people than using the internet! Since the internet has such wide distribution, that means a lot of people can be fooled at once - meaning a lot more people think April fools jokes aren't jokes at all. And isn't that the fun of it??
If an offer seems too good to be true - then it probably is, like an Olive Garden deal online that claims that if you register, you will get a $500 gift certificate for nice as that sounds, I can't be fooled!
So take a look around and see what kind of jokes you come across, but you've been warned! In fact, you can think of it this way - searching for pranks and or tricks on the internet can help you learn to decipher year round 'too good to be true' internet deals.
Check out these very 'believable' April Fools jokes of years past!
- Taco Bell purchase the Liberty Bell
- Google Glup a fruity drink that actually enhances your web surfing efficiency

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