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Mad for Mamma Mia!

I won't lie that I'm thrilled Mamma Mia! has gone Hollywood. While some classic theater hits gone to the silver screen may not have worked, I predict that this will be a great film, and I'll tell you why - the cast. Meryl Streep, Pierce Brosnan and Colin Firth? Buy me a ticket.
The best thing about this story is that the majority of main characters are 50+ and in the midst of the drama and heartache. It seems most movies with older main characters these days (which are few and far between) are ones like The Bucket List or Away from Her, which aren't the lightest of movies.
This is not to take away from the power and depth of movies about getting older, but it'll be refreshing to see a movie with older characters finding love again and partying their butts off in the Greek islands - what can get better than that? Check out the trailer below.

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