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News To Know: For The Record

Despite continual advances in audio recording and playback, a large contingent of dedicated music fans refuses to move on. These people won't end a decades long love-affair with the vinyl. Call them old-fashioned but these folks say there's nothing quite like that warm sounds you get from a record. A quick look at the numbers seems to show that this vocal minority is rapidly growing. Sales of vinyl LPs increased by over a third from 2006 to 2007. And not only are people spending money on records, but they are buying needles that cost up to $15,000 a box and turntables running in the six-figure range. While you don't need to spend that much to appreciate the quality of a record, it shows the depth of affection that aficionados have for old school audio. What's your favorite way to listen to music? Record? CD? Cassette? A-Track?! Let us know, comment below.

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