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No One's Safe With Dave Berry In The Room

Humor columnist Dave Barry greeted the Orlando@50+ crowd today and went after some of his favorite topics: women, doctors, Disney and Florida drivers.
Dave on men & women : Women always ask men what they are thinking. We always tell them nothing and they don't believe it. Sometimes I'm thinking about an itch. But that's about it.
Dave on doctors: If we have to wait more than 30 minutes, I say we should get to give the doctor a shot.
Dave on Disney: The best way to visit Disney World is to drive by and throw your money over the wall. [Ed note: He *did* write Team Rodent, so we suppose it makes sense that he's not a fan.]
Dave on Florida drivers: They give away drivers licenses here free with purchase of a McDonald's Happy Meal.
As a baby boomer, Dave says, "You think you are cool... you want to be cool... but it's hard!"
Dave, we still think you're cool. After all, humor *is* one of the best aphrodisiacs!
In case you're unfamiliar with Dave...check out some of his videos here.

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