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Peter Greenberg is mad as hell!

From Dave Singleton
The journalist, broadcaster, and AARP Travel Ambassador says he's determined to put an end to what he views as abuse of the common person by the travel industry.
Just call him the pied piper of travel advocacy. He's a traveler's BFF. In his feature presentation at AARP's Vegas@50+, he shared some of his secrets -- which he referred to as "the bad, the good, and the that order."
The travel industry has been rocked by the bad economy and downsizing of everything from staff to planes to number of routes any one airline flies these days. Your response as a traveler, in the world according to Greenberg? Search the Internet for the best deals. Make sure you redeem your miles as soon as possible. Visit the foreign partners of U.S.-based carriers, where you might find better deals and more capacity.
When possible, talk to real, live people who can help cut the ties of bureaucratic, technological hell and get the best rates and service. Getting a real person on the phone? Greenberg said go to, which offers key codes that help you bypass voicemail systems for all types of travel providers.
Greenberg wants travelers to stay mad, yet -- despite all the dire news in the travel industry -- hopeful. "It's still a buyer's market, people," the author of the new book, Tough Times, Great Travel told the crowd. "At a time when people are telling you there are no deals, just remember that Peter told you they're wrong. The deals are out there."

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