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President Obama to Appear on The View

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History will be made on Thursday morning when President Obama will be the first sitting United States president to appear on a daytime talk show! Wow, really? And which talk show does he choose? The View of course, where he can duke it out with the queens of daytime chatter. Even Barbara Walters will be making back for this special episode.
The President's appearance on the show may seem odd at first but not when you look back at his campaign strategy and how his administration works now. Obama is no stranger to using new mediums to get his ideas heard across America. Facebook, to ESPN, he has done it all, except daytime talk shows. So why now??
According to the NYTimes blog: Dan Pfeiffer, the White House communications director says "Given the difficulty of reaching people in this hyperactive media environment, we look for opportunities to reach people in environments that are not traditional forums for political newsmakers."
Sounds like this is going to be an entertaining segment! Will you tune in?? I know I will!

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