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Shark Week: The Summer's Ultimate Big Gulp

Another Mouth to Feed

Just when you thought it was safe to go back to cable TV, The Discovery Channel is celebrating its 25 th annual Shark Week-seven days of programming that honors everybody's favorite oceangoing predator.

This year during Shark Week, great white sharks leap out of the water to nab unsuspecting seals ( Air Jaws Apocalypse); scientists go in search of Sharkzilla, the largest shark that ever lived ("T. Rex's head would fit in its mouth!"); the Mythbusters explode some popular shark lore; and a documentary explores, as its title promises, How Jaws Changed the World.

"Chompy" the giant shark decorates the headquarters of The Discovery Channel in Silver Spring, MD

Not coincidentally at all, Universal Studios is releasing a newly restored BluRay disc of Jaws during Shark Week, including new interviews and deleted scenes.

All in all, a good week to stay away from the TV if you're squeamish about monstrous seagoing eating machines. Why not just head for the beach?

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Top Photo Credit: Corbis

Chompy photo credit: sarawithoutanh001

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