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Warm weather and springtime mean it's finally time for outdoor sports - and now that it's now officially baseball season (my favorite season of the year)...we can add another sport to the list to watch: today marks the beginning of the Masters Tournament!
I found this article from the AP this morning interesting, and if you are a Masters follower, you might too. It talks about how "old-timers" at the tournament are becoming a thing of the past. Of the Masters players, there are four under the age of 20...and only one as old as 60!
Many of the older players say that the course has just become too much of a young guy's course - supersized and exhausting. Many of the seniors have been "relegated to the par-3 tournament or ceremonial duties" - but most of them had their run playing at Augusta, and are happy to move on out of the way for those young guys... :)
And on the opposite end of the sporting spectrum, there is skiing and this article also from the AP about ski resorts preparing for a major drop in patrons: baby boomers. The article takes an interesting look at the generation that helped build the industry up - and will increasingly stay off the slopes as their bodies age.
I went skiing for the first time this past winter, and can say that there were plenty of boomers (and 5 year olds!) flying past me on the slopes! Are you a skier? Do you plan on cutting back on your ski getaways any time soon?

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