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Still Rocking Out After 50


There's some great celeb news lately! Here's more for you!
After Bruce Springsteen performed at Superbowl, the Daily News decided to take on a question about our many aging rock stars - like Elton John, Paul McCartney and others - are these older rockers losing their steam?
No way! In fact, it seems that many older artists are just getting better with age. In fact, Springsteen's new album "Working on a Dream," was titled No. 1 on the latest Billboard's Top 200 Album list. A snippet of the Daily News' review of the album:

No other current, seasoned star has managed to tower over the charts while scoring that kind of zeigeist bullseye. "Working on a Dream" could serve as a virtual soundtrack to the country right now. It's all about hope at a time when we could really use some, tempered by a realization that for such positive emotions to seem real they can't come out of nowhere. The songs on "Dream" may be overwhelmingly uplifting, but they all find their narrator achieving his state of grace only after moving through long, lean years of pain and disappointment.

I'm sure people personally relating to this album is partly why it's so successful - as are all of his records. No matter what, you're still Forever Young to us, Bruce!

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