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The Wonderful Wiz

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I can remember the very first time I saw The Wizard of Oz. I sat cross-legged on my parents bed, staring up at the television. I don't think I moved an inch until the Wicked Witch and Dorothy fought in the castle hallway, sending me running!
This year is the 70th Anniversary of the classic film and if you're like me you still watch the movie whenever it's on tv...even if it's half way done!
Fast forward to a particularly low-key evening when I was doing some internet surfing and came upon Elf Island. The site is essentially a virtual world for kids where they can play games, learn about social issues and interact with peers across the world.
In honor of Oz's anniversary, they've brought this huge virtual experience to kids where they can play games, dress up as the Tin Man - and even don Dorothy's slippers. So if your kids have recently seen the movie and you want to keep the magic alive check them out!
An added bonus of the site? They regularly partner with non-profits all over the world to raise children's global awareness about what's going on in places they may have never heard of! Each month there is a new GoodQuest that encourages the kids to work together toward a common cause. This month kids are helping the Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric AIDS Foundation by building 10,000 virtual camp buildings. If they reach the goal, they will fund the construction of a camp in Uganda for children living with HIV and AIDS.
So if your kids are glued to the computer, they mind as well have fun & do good all at the same time eh?!

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