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Throw Down Moses: Christian Bale vs. Charlton Heston

Christian Bale (Moses) and director Ridley Scott on the set of “Exodus: Gods and Kings.”

10 Commandments 1956 6b
Charlton Heston (Moses) in Cecil B. DeMille’s “The Ten Commandments”

Ridley Scott’s spectacular retelling of the story of Moses, Exodus: Gods and Kings, opens just as Running Press is releasing a lavish new book about the man who single-handedly created the Hollywood Biblical Epic, Cecil B. DeMille.

Here’s our exclusive Movies for Grownups video comparison of Exodus: Gods and Kings with DeMille’s crowning achievement, The Ten Commandments (1956) — along with some exclusive images from the new book, Cecil B. DeMille: The Art of the Hollywood Epic.




Photos: “Exodus: Gods and Kings,” 20th Century Fox Corp.; “The Ten Commandments,” Running Press

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