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Twilight is Not Just the Craze for Younger Folk


The craze over the movie release of the hit book series Twilight is just about everywhere - I admit I haven't read it yet, but I'm starting to think I should. I'm seeing a lot of commentary that Twilight's appeal goes beyond age. In short, tweens, teens, moms and, yes, older women, are all going nutty for this vampire series.
While it seems so many movies are age-specific these days, there's nothing I appreciate more than flicks (and books) that can reach all ages. For example, Finding Nemo is a favorite of mine. That's right, one of my favorite movies is a cartoon. But so what? The ability for a movie to be clever enough to pull in an adult but funny enough to make a 5-year old belly laugh is amazing to me.
Any age-defying favorites you'd like to share?

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