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Vintage Styles Dominate Fashion

Lordy, do I love dressing in retro fashion -- it not only makes me feel fabulous but almost makes me feel connected to such incredible times in the country. Cheesy, I know!
Check out AARP Magazine's slideshow of 8 retro styles that are being donned by celebrities as of late (think Mad Men had anything to do with it?) that you might have hanging in your closet. I love how they completely acknowledge some folks' hesitancy, saying "Okay, even though you may be thinking that you've been there, done that and would rather not do it again, we promise that you can still look great in the styles from your youth. And you won't look like you're following teeny-bopper trends if you try our tips."
Make sure to take a peek; if you're a fashion buff like me, it's well worth it.

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