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What We'd Tell George Clooney


So, George Clooney, as we mentioned before, turns 50 today. Like the rest of the Internet, we took Friday off to stare at him. I mean, reflect on his career. 

There's something about that 50 number, huh? It's just a number. It could represent 100 divided by 2, the number of stars on the Star Spangled Banner, a great movie starring Adam Sandler, or the number of truly horrible movies starring Adam Sandler. It's also when we send you that AARP card, so we're big fans of the 5-0. It's gotta be good on this side, huh?

So, on the momentous occasion of this Sexiest Man Alive's 50th, here's a little advice from those who would know best - our members. (We asked them on Facebook and Twitter - you can see the whole thread here.)

"Only halfway there. Plan accordingly." "From the looks of George..he doesn't need me to tell him anything..50 looks real good on him!" "Load up on pain meds and keep going!" "It is hard work to keep looking is harder to keep feeling young. Take care of yourself!" "Turning 50 meant finally being comfortable in my own skin... not trying to be all things to family members, etc. I learned the art of saying "NO" when appropriate to everyone, except my grandchildren." "I just turned 50 and there is a lot of peace. What were once mountains are now just gentle foothills." 

(That, and many variations of the following from the females around: "COME SEE ME!")

Don't say we never did anything for you, George. We can call you George now, right? Now that you've gotten your AARP card?

Photo via Flickr user cszvtova. All opinions on Adam Sandler limited to this blogger and do not represent AARP.

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