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AARP CEO Thanks Members for Support After 'Historic Victory' on Drug Prices

En español | AARP CEO Jo Ann Jenkins has a message for our nearly 38 million members following the passage of a bill that will lower prescription drug prices for millions of Americans: Thank you.

"Together, we have won a historic victory," Jenkins said in a new video. "Few thought we could win this fight, but we kept up the pressure. And we got Congress to act."

The House last week passed an AARP-backed bill that will allow Medicare to negotiate prescription drug prices, cap seniors' out-of-pocket costs for prescriptions and punish drug companies for raising prices faster than the rate of inflation. The new law was signed by President Joe Biden on Tuesday and is the culmination of decades of work to make prescriptions more affordable for millions of Americans.

Read about the new legislation, and learn more about AARP's advocacy work at

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