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10 Ways Caregivers Can Destress

AARP has a really great piece for caregivers on ways to take a step back and destress from the emotional and physical toll that caring for another person can be. Here are a couple to start:
1. Put your physical needs first. Eat nutritious meals. Don't give in to stress-driven urges for sweets or overindulge in alcohol. Get enough shut-eye; if you have trouble sleeping at night, try napping during the day. Schedule regular medical checkups. Find time to exercise, even if it means you have to ask someone else to provide care while you work out. If you experience symptoms of depression -- extreme sadness, trouble concentrating, apathy, hopelessness, thoughts about death -- talk to a medical professional.
2. Connect with friends. Isolation increases stress. Getting together regularly with friends and relatives can keep negative emotions at bay.
3. Ask for help. Make a list of things you have to do and recruit others to pitch in. Even faraway relatives and friends can manage certain tasks.
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