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A Goal for Being Over the Hill

Soccer is the most popular game in the world and with the World Cup in full swing it only makes sense that 50+ Americans are catching 'fí¹tbol' fever!
Check out this fun video of the New England Over the Hill Soccer League (NEOTHSL)
The league just finished playing its 30th season and has 230 teams. It is split into two geographic sections, four age groups and 16 divisions -- and a total of 6,400 players, about one-third of whom are 50 and over.
Is this inspiring you to play a little soccer? Go ahead! But take heed of some of our tips for safe soccer play:
- ALWAYS take time to warm up and stretch, especially your hips, knees, thighs and calves.
- Hydrate. Water is your friend when exercising, drink, drink, drink!
- Wear shin guards to protect your lower legs and ankles.
- To help avoid heat illness, pay attention to environmental recommendations, especially about excessively hot and humid weather.

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