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AARP Responds to NYTimes Prescriptions Blog

Today the New York Times blog Prescriptions (which covers all things related to the business of health care) posted a piece challenging our recently released Rx Watchdog report. AARP's Jim Dau, Director of Media Relations responds to Duff Wilson's piece:
AARP has long recognized the importance of generic prescription drugs in the battle against out-of-control drug prices and we welcome the support of all pharmaceutical companies in ensuring generic drugs get to market faster. For instance, we'd appreciate their help in ending the abusive pay-for-delay practices that amount to anti-consumer kickbacks, as well as other cost saving measures like allowing the safe and legal importation of prescription drugs from abroad and allowing Medicare to negotiate prescription drug prices directly with drug makers.
It's strange to hear manufacturers of brand name drugs plead poverty when we're more used to hearing from older Americans on fixed incomes who have been struggling to afford needed medications whose prices, for whatever reason, shot up more than 8 percent in a year.

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