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Are Anti-Aging Treatments Dangerous?


Interesting. Very interesting. While anti-aging treatments are all the craze these days in the plight to live forever, some folks are finding that, ironically, these new medicines that are supposed to elongate your life may actually be dangerous to it:

[Anti-aging doctors] go-to treatments are steroids, human growth hormone and bioidentical hormones, which they believe offer a natural way to regain youth. Many aging Americans believe it too, which is why the antiaging business has boomed into an $88 billion industry.

But mainstream scientific researchers say these treatments are unproven and may raise the risk of cancer and other diseases. And watchdog groups accuse antiaging doctors of promoting dangerous treatments without warning patients of potential risks.

Check out AARP's interview with Arlene Weintraub, author and former science reporter at Business Week, who talks about her new book on the anti-aging industry and what we need to know before we jump on the "Fountain of Youth" bandwagon.

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