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Are You Prepared for the Summer Heat??

In case you haven't noticed, summer is here! School is out, temperatures are on the rise, and movie blockbusters are hitting the screen. While everyone looks forward to the warm weather and the opportunity to get out and hang by the pool or just enjoy the sunshine, the heat can take a toll on you if you aren't mindful.
Check out these five tips from AARP's Public Policy Institute and the National Energy Assistance Directors' Association study on how to beat the heat. They sound pretty enjoyable to us!
- The Great Indoors: Lower your daytime electric bill and avoid peak temperatures by visiting public places with air conditioning. Go to a mall, library or restaurant get out of the house and enjoy some new indoor activities.
- Getting Out and About: If you have to go out, wear loose-fitting clothing and protect yourself from the sun with a hat, sunglasses and always sunscreen! The higher SPF the better.
- Think Before You Drink: Drink plenty of water, even if you don't feel thirsty, to help keep your body cool. Avoid caffeine or alcohol, which can dehydrate you.
- Staying Cool at Home: The best way to avoid the heat may also be the most relaxing--just lay low at home, pull the shades, have a glass of lemonade and read a book. Put off any big chores around and outside your home.
- Do Unto Others, As Well As Yourself: Talk with your doctor about any chronic medical condition or medication; some can put you at higher risk for heat-related illness. Don't forget: Check on your friends and family to make sure people they are getting through the heat spell as well as you are!
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