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Are you Up for a Fat-to-Fit Challenge?!

We all know that being fit is better than being fat - but getting 'fit' isn't always easy... Now you can get in shape the healthy way with AARP! The Fat-to-Fit online challenge gives you the tools you need to shed pounds this summer, with energizing activities, fresh nutritious foods and the latest health trends.
The support of our online community is key and the challenge's philosophy is summarized by F.I.T.: F=Fun I=Individualized T=Together. Challenge yourself to be the best possible YOU by eating right and exercising.
The challenge officially began last week, but it's not too late to join, check out the Fat-to-Fit site and sign yourself up!
What else is there to do you ask?
- On the site you can calculate your BMI (Body Mass Index)
- Get tips from our Fitness expert Carole Carson who lost over 60lbs at age 60!
- Join the more than 5,000 people already enrolled in our online community!
(All users should seek expert medical care and consult their own physicians for any specific health issues.)
For more details see our official contest rules

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