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Breaking News: A Shout Out From First Lady

We just got the neatest letter from First Lady Laura Bush "thanking us for the opportunity to discuss women's heart health" in AARP Bulletin this summer.
It seems Mrs. Bush got a phone call from a nurse whose patient's life was saved because she read the article! This is a great story - here are a few excepts from the First Lady's letter:
"The patient arrived at the emergency room 30 minutes after she began feeling chest pains. She told the nurse that the day before she had read the Bulletin's article describing the signs and symptoms of a heart attack in women. She also mentioned she would feel silly if her chest pain was not a heart attack,
"Within 20 minutes of being at the hospital doctors determined that she was indeed having a heart attack and they began preparing her for a cardiac catheterization. She suddenly became unresponsive ... and the team of doctors quickly responded by shocking her heart two times. She was stabilized and the doctors went on to perform a cardiac catheterization ...
"Within 50 minutes of the onset of her symptoms, her heart had gone into a rhythm that could have caused her death if she had not read the AARP Bulletin and recognized the signs...
"This patient's personal story highlights the importance of raising awareness about heart disease in women. Keep spreading the word - together we can continue to make a lifesaving difference!
"With best wishes,
Laura Bush"


I hate to be so cheesy, but I'm reminded of AARP's motto, "The power to make it better." It feels pretty darn good to be a part of this organization. We were so proud we had it framed and are looking for a prominent place to hang it for everyone to see.

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