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Is There Anybody Out There?

Health care is the theme of the week. Probably one reason is that it is Cover the Uninsured Week. Now why are people uninsured? Lots of reasons - don't think they need it, don't think they have access to it, but most important is they can't afford it.
On the campaign trail, there has been some discussion of the key issue here - the skyrocketing cost of health care. Senator John McCain spoke about it both yesterday and today, emphasizing the role of personal responsibility in health care. No one can dispute the importance of this. In fact, every candidate has a nod to better behaviors (eating less junk, exercising more) in their plans. It's all good.
But where is this in the national media? Almost nowhere! Instead of the substance focused on the things that impact people's everyday lives, we are left to tune into the bickering and melodrama that has seemed to envelop the spin cycle. Elizabeth Edwards wrote about it for the New York Times on Sunday, but today we're still seeing the same old thing play out. Who isn't sick of it?

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