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Don't let the bed bugs bite!

In a recent article by the New York Times, there is a new furry bedbug detective; canine insect sniffers. These specially trained dogs can detect a single live bug or egg with 96 percent accuracy. In recent years there has been an enormous influx in bedbug infestations in large cities. In the 1950's the bugs were almost completely eradicated due to the use of toxic pesticides such as DDT, which has since been banned, and now infestations are at a all time high.
Bedbugs are small, oval in shape and cannot fly. They can reach a size from around 5 to 7 mm in length and they feed from sucking blood from humans or animals. They are not known to carry disease but their bite frequently and the bites later become very itchy and red.
Cities with dense populations have a new battle front; one person's bedbug problem is everyone's problem. Did you know bed bugs can crawl through walls, along pipes, hop a ride on clothing or luggage?? Luckily now with trained bedbug sniffing dogs the problem can be addressed almost immediately. Once the dog finds the bed bugs an exterminator is then brought in and the problem can be taken care of.
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