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Dr. Oz Talks Statins

Dr. Oz has a feature in AARP Magazine's latest issue, where he dives into the controversial FDA decision to approve the sale of statins, a drug effective at treating high cholesterol:
The decision has sparked controversy. Statins are quite effective at clearing lousy cholesterol -- LDL -- from the bloodstream. But statin therapy alone does little to raise heart-protecting cholesterol -- HDL -- and comes with its own risks, including severe muscle pain and a 9 percent increase in the risk of type 2 diabetes.
Many of my patients have reduced their cholesterol levels (and blood-sugar levels) without the use of drugs by adhering to a diet low in saturated fat and by exercising regularly.
Statins remain a good option for people who, despite a sensible diet and ample exercise, can't lower their LDL. But statins or no, a healthy lifestyle is the best way to fortify your heart.
Check out the rest, as well as his advice on how to lower your cholesterol.

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