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Eight Practical Tips to Weigh Less

If you are willing to adopt new ways, you can enjoy the weight you've always desired. Here are eight proven tips:

1. Manage your appetite. Fight off hunger cravings by eating filling and healthy foods such as fruits, vegetables and lean proteins. If you still feel hungry after a meal, drink a glass of water or take a brisk walk.

2. Make a commitment to move. Exercise for a minimum of 30 minutes per day. (Exercising 60-90 minutes per day is optimal.)

3. Plan what to eat and eat according to plan. Eat a healthy morning and afternoon snack (such as fruit) to keep cravings at bay. Avoid the temptation of unhealthy foods by planning ahead and stocking the pantry with healthful, tasty choices.

4. Boost your metabolism. Train with weights to build lean muscle and reshape your body.

5. Use your plate. Eat off small plates and assign half to fruits and vegetables, a fourth to lean protein and the last fourth to whole grains.

6. Stay conscious and monitor your diet. Keep a food journal to track what foods you eat and how much. Use a scale to measure food portions. To avoid drifting into denial, weigh yourself daily.

7. Become a student. When shopping, read ingredient labels carefully. Learn new (and healthful) foods to eat. Experiment with family-favorite recipes to reduce calories.

8. Prepare for setbacks. If you see a small weight gain during a daily weigh-in, don't be discouraged. Instead of quitting, recommit. 

Deciding on a start date is easy. Begin now. No time ever seems like the right time, yet the only opportunities we ever have are embedded in present moments. To look and feel your best tomorrow, begin today.

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