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Exactly 2 Years until the 2012 Olympics

2012 LondonOlympics.jpg
I know you have been waiting in anticipation, but the moment has come is the 2 year marker until the 2012 London Olympic games commence!! This will be London's 3rd time hosting the games and is by far their biggest Olympic endeavor. According to the Economist, Britain's previous, Labour government set aside £9.3 billion (around $20 billion) to build a stage for the 2012 games, mainly by transforming a post-industrial wasteland in east London into the Olympic Park.
Take a look at the Guardian's most recent photos of how the Olympic Village is coming along. London has most of the big venues like the Velodrome and waved-roof aquatic center already close to completion. Talk about being on schedule!
Some interesting pre-Olympic tidbits?
Did you know, Londoners could make a small fortune renting out their homes during the games?? According to The Guardian people could make up to £5,000 per week, that's around $10,000!
The new official mascot is now for sale - his name is Wenlock, and is a stuffed animal Cyclops with little plastic bracelets that represent the colors of the rings on the Olympic Flag

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