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FDA warns your plastic may be harmful

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Well, this is a little scary. the FDA has announced their concern over BPA - or Bisphenol A - an estrogen-like chemical found in plastic that could potentially cause health problems to folks of all ages. While fetuses, infants and children could be susceptible brain and prostate gland issues, they're not the only ones who could get sick. AARP Bulletin reports:

BPA is used to make hard plastic bottles, liners in food cans and a host of other everyday items. One federal study found that more than 90 percent of Americans have traces of BPA in their urine. The chemical doesn't just pose a health threat to children, some experts say. Studies have linked it to heart disease, prostate problems, erectile dysfunction and breast cancer. Although it doesn't build up in the body, researchers say exposure is so common that many Americans have a near-constant level in their systems.

It also can serve a bigger threat to older adults by having a negative effect on men's prostates, and possibly increase the risk for breast cancer in women. While the FDA is hinting at regulation of the chemical, no action or labeling has been done yet (although most baby bottle manufacturers contain BPA in their bottles). Check out the whole article for more info, and where else this chemical is generally found.

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