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For the record...

From Pete Jeffries, National Campaign Consultant to Divided We Fail

This morning, RedState published an inaccurate piece titled, "AARP
Officially Endorses H.R. 3200, the Democrats' Healthcare Overhaul." The
headline is false and the claims made against AARP within the piece are

Fact is AARP has not endorsed H.R. 3200, nor any comprehensive health
reform bill from the Congress or administration.

AARP's official position on health reform has been known for many years
- the organization simply wants what's best for its members and all
Americans in general. AARP has long been advocating for access to
affordable, high-quality health care. That's one of the reasons over the
last two-and-a-half years the organization has been leading Divided We
Fail, a diverse coalition of businesses, consumers, and labor groups
focused on bringing people together and calling for solutions on health
and financial security.

Lastly, AARP has been working with both Democrats and Republicans to
pass health reform legislation that would improve the lives of millions
of Americans, including AARP members 50 years and older, because health
care access and costs have been spiraling out of control.

Please read AARP's earlier post on combating the multitude of
inaccuracies and myths out there in this critical debate.

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