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Health Action Now!

Given President Obama's speech to the American Medical Association earlier this week, I wanted to quickly plug AARP's efforts at bringing about comprehensive health care reform. The good folks at AARP's Health Action Now! site have created an interactive map in which users can scroll over testimonials from everyday people about their problems with the health care system.

Here is one typical note, from Roberta H. of Hickory, North Carolina:

"When one of my 8 prescriptions costs $817 for a 28-day supply I hit the "gap" where I have to pay the full price by mid-April!!! And, when a 40-hour stay in the hospital allows them to charge Medicare more than $2,000 just for pharmaceutical costs, the whole system needs drastic change. Last year my pharmacy deductions were more than 1/4 of my Social Security total."

Check out ways you can take action and help influence the debate.

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