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Is Health Care Reform At Risk?

Our own Patricia Barry has a great piece at AARP Bulletin about the recent efforts against health care reform as the ideological war on the bill just seems to be getting worse. But what will happen to health care reform if opponents succeed?:
Twenty-one states are challenging the law in court on constitutional grounds. Voters in at least three other states are weighing ballot initiatives opposing it. And "repeal" has become the rallying cry of Republicans going into the midterm elections. Minority Leader John Boehner, R-Ohio, has made it clear that if his party takes control of the House in November, "repealing this bill has to be our number one priority."
The Republican leadership's new agenda, "A Pledge to America," announced yesterday, also calls for the law to be repealed and replaced with a scaled-down list of provisions. These include medical malpractice reform and expanding health savings accounts.
Where is the law vulnerable and could it be overturned? If so, what would be the consequences for the country and individual Americans?
Read and find out.

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