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Looking at Health Care Reform


Photo by Darryl Estrine

Patricia Barry has a piece on AARP Bulletin on health care reform:

"Washington wags like to compare health care reform to a certain kind of cicada--an insect that emerges only once every 17 years, makes a lot of noise and then vanishes underground again. There's a disquieting degree of truth in the joke: Fifteen years have passed since the last serious attempt at reform, led by Hillary Clinton, was buried. Will it be different this time?"

A lot of people hope so. But Barry reminds us that there is much work to be done, and discusses Obama's health care reform plans, including the "public plan" option. She also says that we should recognize that, despite how some may disagree on certain proposals, we generally have the same goal in mind: "to cover the uninsured, reduce costs in the system and change payment mechanisms so that doctors and hospitals are rewarded for the quality of care they provide rather than the quantity of patients they see."

I can get behind that. Check out the entire piece for the lowdown.

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