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Medicare Update

Many of your have heard about our effort to Keep Medicare Fair. With premiums skyrocketing over the last decade, AARP is working to make sure inaction in Congress doesn't add up to big jumps in your health care bills.
Congress has been listening to you and to us, and they're getting somewhere. Tomorrow, the Senate is scheduled to vote on a Medicare bill that AARP gave a thumbs up to earlier this week (link to article or press release). That bill keeps premium increases reasonable, improves help for low-income people in Medicare and creates a national system for electronic prescriptions to help lower the chance of a mix-ups with your drugs.
Thursday's vote won't decide whether or not the bill passes, but it will decide if the Senate can continue to work on this particular bill. They need 60 votes to keep moving forward with this bill to keep Medicare fair for you. If we don't get 60 votes, we're starting all over, and creeping closer and closer to the June 30 deadline for a Medicare bill.
SHAARPSession is going to watch Thursday's vote, and we'll report the results right here, so you'll know right away how your senators voted. In the meantime, visit and call or e-mail your senators. Let them know they need to Keep Medicare Fair.
And if you have a story to share about your rising health care bills, sound off in the comments. We want to hear from you.

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